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IT Management

Whether you are responsible for 10 or 10,000 users and systems your challenges will be the same. A need to keep users productive and system running smoothly being critical. Not only are you responsible for these, you need to ensure you have the right processes and procedures in-place to keep your organisation safe from external pressures such as Software License Reviews.

Coupled with pressures on budgets, changing user needs, advances in technology, you need access to the right information accurately and quickly, allowing you to make informed decisions about current and planned activities.

Whether you are considering moving services to the Cloud, rolling out Mobile Devices, looking at major OS upgrades or simply looking for overall improvements in your service capabilities and levels, having the tools and processes in-place is essential and can bring significant benefits.

DeskCenter Management Studio can support you in all aspects of running an effective IT service for your organisation. With a modular approach DeskCenter allows you to focus on the areas that are important to you whilst providing a clear route to continually increasing capability, ultimately leading to an effective, secure and cost effective IT environment. 

IT Compliance

Sensitive customer information falling into the wrong hands can devastate image and competitiveness in addition to causing substantial financial damage. DeskCenter creates the basis for company compliance with internal and external requirements and guarantees the highest level of information security, availability, and data protection.

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Seamless inventory creation

It is imperative that even small businesses maintain a good grasp of what hardware and software has been installed. Maintaining an overview of all assets is all but impossible using conventional methods when the IT landscape becomes complex. DeskCenter allows you to manage your entire technical and commercial inventory – including off-line devices and virtual systems.

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License management

Businesses that keep track of all their licenses are more competitive. For one thing, they do not risk becoming underlicensed. For another, professional license management provides enormous savings potential. DeskCenter analyzes exactly what software businesses use and helps them to manage their licenses – largely through automation.

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Software asset management

Mobility, virtualization, and cloud computing – IT environments are becoming more and more complex. Classic management tools quickly reach the limits of their effectiveness. DeskCenter detects complex software and suites in an audit-compliant manner and precisely maps out all license metrics. This secures businesses against legal licensing infractions and saves money at the same time.

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Software distribution

The provision of software applications is complex. Each department uses its own applications that – for security reasons alone – must always be up-to-date. IT professionals used to have to run from one computer to the next, but now this process can be completely centralized and automated with DeskCenter.

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Productive IT management

An IT infrastructure that is efficient and flexible enough to adapt to new processes is indispensable for businesses that wish to remain successful in today’s market. DeskCenter stands for effective system management and creates the basis for businesses to keep constant track of new acquisitions, restructuring, and the installation of new software.

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